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Take off with the author on an extravagant adventure across continents, in which you will experience first-hand what it is like to be cast away near the Somali border, smuggling insects from the Caribbean, suffering from Dengue fever, becoming a multi-millionaire in Germany, vaccinating dogs against rabies in rural Kenya, surviving a sting from the world’s most venomous animal, hitching a ride with a Bangladeshi police commando right before action, sneaking onto islands run by Africa’s notorious narcobarons, deceiving an Algerian ambassador, ending up in quarantine with an unknown infectious agent, deciding on an emergency landing of a transatlantic flight and much more.

Julius Lukeš delivers his zany misadventures from half of the globe with wit and raw honesty, originality and unique ease, at the same time trying to place the human condition into cultural and historical context. His overreaching aim is simply to understand. Sometimes he fails, sometimes he succeeds, but fortunately always comes through, with a broad smile at the end.

Illustrated by Kristina Šaumanová

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Julius Lukeš

Julius Lukeš (1990) is a medical doctor, scientist and traveler who has wandered the globe since day one, accompanied by his adventurous parents who taught him the basics of cheap vagabonding, he spent parts of his childhood in the Netherlands and California, with frequent stops in Mexico and Asia. Nicknamed „Lowcash“, he set off for a solo journey to China at the age of seventeen. A year later he visited his fiftieth country, Brazil, on someone else’s flight ticket. Turbulent journeys persisted even during his medical studies, including a decision on an emergency landing of a plane in New York, for which he was awarded the Prize of the Charles University Chancellor. To date he has visited 105 countries, many more than once. He holds a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, genetics and virology with emphasis on childhood leukemias. Nowadays he works as a clinical ophthalmologist and gives lectures both home and abroad. He lives with his wife and son Julius V in Prague, Czech Republic.